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JobTemp is the leading HR outsourcing platform in Qatar, designed to address the economic challenges faced by companies due to the current economic situation. Our innovative solution connects companies with excess manpower to those in need of temporary or short-term employees. With JobTemp, you can reduce overhead costs, find talent quickly, and avoid the hassle of recruitment legalization issues.

Our Services

Affordable Subscription Packages

Choose from our highly affordable subscription packages that suit your specific needs and requirements. We offer flexible plans for both blue collar and white collar employees.

Seamless Temporary Employee Hiring

Our platform allows company HR managers to easily upload CVs for their employees. All secondment and legal documentation are provided on a B2B level, saving you time and ensuring a smooth hiring process.

Fast and Reliable Freelancer Hiring

Our unique freelancer portal provides opportunities for freelancers to register for free and connect with potential employers. Our reviews section ensures a high quality of employees on our platform so you can be sure your project will be delivered as agreed.


Benefits of JobTemp

Reduce overhead costs and increase non-operational revenue with our B2B HR outsourcing solution in Qatar. No need for legalization hassles as these are done on a B2B level. Find talent quickly from a wide pool of experienced professionals.


Affordable Subscription Packages

By providing affordable subscription packages tailored to the needs of our subscribers, we help businesses reduce overhead costs and access skilled manpower without the need for extensive recruitment processes.

Testimonials From Our Customers

Brooklyn Simmons

Ahmed Hassan

JobTemp has been a game-changer for our company. We were able to find highly skilled employees quickly and at a fraction of the cost. Highly recommended!

UX/UI Designer

Innovatech Labs
Brooklyn Simmons

John Smith

As a freelancer, JobTemp has been a lifesaver. I can showcase my skills to potential employers and secure multiple roles at the same time. And the best part is, I keep 100% of my earnings!

Senior Software Engineer

TechGenius Solutions
Brooklyn Simmons

Michael Johnson

The support from the JobTemp team has been exceptional. They respond to any concerns or issues promptly, ensuring a smooth experience for both employers and freelancers.

Data Scientist

DataXpert Analytics

Choose a plan that’s right for your Corporate.


QAR 3500 / Year
  • 120 Manpower Profile Views
  • 60 Number of CV Downloads
  • 180 Manpower Hires
  • 1 Number of Users


QAR 6500 / Year
  • 500 Manpower Profile Views
  • 120 Number of CV Downloads
  • 620 Manpower Hires
  • 1 Number of Users


QAR 9000 / Year
  • 1000 Manpower Profile Views
  • 240 Number of CV Downloads
  • 1240 Manpower Hires
  • 2 Number of Users

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